Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lush, Lush and more Lush

I had a moment of craziness! Good craziness though as it resulted in a fully stocked bathroom of Lush goodies. I went in knowing I wanted a gift box purely for bathing but didn't think I would come out with a box 1/3 of my height, but I'm glad I did. I chose The Art of Bathing which is full of 15 of Lush's best bath products and the box itself is also something to behold!

As you can see, the products all have their own little compartments which I think is better as you are able to see them all, rather than rummaging through mounds of packing peanuts. The box contains 8 Bath Ballistics, 
4 Bubblebars, 2 Bath Melts and 1 Fun Bar.

Bath Ballistics:

Granny Takes a Dip - Such a strange name! This is one I have never tried before and if it smells as good as it looks (which I am sure it will) I am in for a treat. This psychedelic treat is a mixture of lemon, ginger and black pepper. Oooh spicy.
Fizzbanger - The toffee apple scent of this is enough to make your mouth water, so why not add popping candy for a delicious explosion in your bath.
Big Blue - I buy this on many occasion purely for it's name. Does it remind anyone else of Finding Nemo? Where the yellow fish asks Nemo; "Sooo, The Big Blue, what's it like?". No? Just me? Alrighty then, lets see what this adds to your bathing experience. Seaweed and Seasalt make this a likely bomb for when I need to detoxify my body and the lavender a lemon work to clear the mind. 
Avobath - Probably one of the most softening and moisturising bath bombs available. As the name suggests it contains avocado a long with olive oil for super soft skin.
Tisty Tosty - This cute little heart shaped bath ballistic is bursting with rose buds and rose fragrance for a floral getaway.
Dragons Egg - Layers upon layers of new surprises. A slow fizzer but worth the wait for what it results in.
Butterball - Another super skin softener. It smells heavenly and feels like silk due to the pieces of cocoa butter that melt into the bath.
Think Pink - The girliest bath bomb around...it contains vanilla, confetti hearts, little flowers and of course it's hot pink!

Bubble Bars:

Brightside - I love the smell of this, it's citrus fragrance is wonderfully uplifting and the size of it means you can get at least 4 baths out of it! 
Rose Jam - This little gem is full of sweet smelling rose oil and rose absolute. Would go great with Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic.
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment - If you like candyfloss, marshmallows and sweeties all rolled into one then you will love this Bath Melt (I realise I photographed it as a Bubble Bar...my bad)
Sunnyside - Another lovely burst of citrus with this Bubble Bar but this one adds an extra sparkle to your bath. I love ones with an extra something.
The Comforter - A top seller from Lush which has found it's way to my bathroom on more than one occasion. It smells just like blackcurrant and gives you bubbles for dayyyssss.

Little Extras:

Red Fun - This can be molded into different shapes and sizes, but also works as a shampoo, bubble bar and a soap! Such fun.
Ceridwens Cauldron - One of my favourite products I have come across. I first purchased this about a year ago when I felt all wound up and had trouble relaxing and I have never looked back. It melts in the bath just as it is but is filled with oats to soften and smooth the skin and the scent just helps you drift away.

So it is fair to say that I won't need to stock up for a while...or until next pay day at least! I have some old favourites and new products to try so will have some wonderful relaxing evenings lined up. As always, Thank You Lush!

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