Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New Buys, New Tries.

It's always a sad day when you run out of particular products, however, it means I get to go out and buy more...yeeey! I have been out of my Urban Decay Setting Spray for a while and my Illamasqua Powder decided to break so I only have pieces of that left. But instead of re purchasing them both ( I will in the future), I decided to take this opportunity to refresh my make up and add some newbies.

First of all, let's take a look at the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. This can be used as a 3 in 1 product:
Primer - Spray onto clean and moisturised skin before makeup
Setting - Spray once your makeup is complete to hold it in place
Refresh - Spritz throughout the day to refresh your look and hydrate your skin.
I liked the sound of this product with it being silicone, alcohol and oil free...much kinder for your skin and also contains electrolytes which are great for hydration and radiance. Sounds like a great product and after seeing it floating around on my Instagram I thought I'd definitly give it a go. It has been one of my wishlist products too so I am very excited.

Next up is the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder and oh my goodness I wish the camera could capture just how beautiful it really is. This glistening pot of gorgeousness can be used as an overall complexion enhancer and a setting powder for under eye concealer. Honestly this was a flash buy but after coming home and reading about it I think I did well. Im all for brightening and the glistening particles in this will do just that. Take a look at the swatch on my wrist and you can just about see the glow, its like fresh snow, so pretty. The lady at the counter said to use a lid full for the eyes but I think this could be too much, I worry about wasting it! But I will see how I get on with it.

Finally is (yet another) lip liner purchase. I must be on a lip liner craze at the minute but this is a colour I don't have so it has to be done really. This perfectly peach shade is by Sleek and is in the colour Melba. Its a super creamy pencil and comes out coral/orange/peach which to be honest I think would look good with nudes as well as brights. I put a bit on my lips earlier and straight away thought to match it with my recent Revlon Colourburst purchase and it's fabulous darling!

I almost can't wait to wake-up early to try these...almost, and that means something. I am all for sleeping but makeup comes a close second!
Have any of you tried these and what do you think?
As always, thanks for reading

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